Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's get this going!

Ok, here's the deal. I'm not a "wordy" person. I was never good at writing papers in school and half the time I stare at the computer blankly when trying to write blogs. So, I've decided to to redesign the blog, with the help of the wonderful Jennifer Carter, and start over. I think I was going at this all wrong. Instead of writing down what I was feeling about the people I photograph or the wonderful time I have with my clients, I was trying to write what I thought people wanted to hear. So, today is a new day and I no longer have that mindset. Today I write and blog about what I want and what I feel. So, yay!

Ok, here's some little sneaks from my super fun wedding this past weekend! This couple rocked it. They were in love, happy, organized, and excited. It rained super hard most of the day, but they did not let that get them down! They had a very sweet ceremony and surprised their guest with a little dance number back down the isle! Their love for each other created a wonderful atmosphere and every single guest left with a smile on their face! 

Congratulations to Emily and Nathan!

Loads of fun was had by all! Thank you to Emily and Nathan for allowing me to be there to capture their big day! Hope you had so much fun on your Jamaican honeymoon!

Wedding venue: The South Warehouse
Flowers and Catering: Fresh Cut Catering
Cakes: Laura Lee May, of Lamissa's Cakes
Photography: Sharon Coker Photography

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Jennifer at BunnyAndBean said...

Great post! And I think you hit it head on. You don't have to be wordy. Your images speak for themselves.